Lack of Fresh Air

There is a clearly identified lack of provision for ventilation in UK government incentive schemes to promote the further insulation of homes.

In common with other countries of the world the UK is also committed to saving 18% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 (UN Kyoto Agreement) and more thereafter. This has to be partly achieved by cutting use of energy to heat homes, thus in large part there will have to be further increases in insulation to achieve these ambitious aims. Without due attention to adequate ventilation the outcome is likely to be to encourage more damp in more homes. Studies already show us UK homes are amongst the most expensive to keep warm and 20% UK housing stock is thought to be damp.  

Ventilation can be increased in a variety of ways but when the weather outside is colder than within homes it can easily result in expensive heat loss - this tends to result in occupants shutting off ventilation once more!