We have been inspired to help everyone who has difficulty with their health due to their home or their place of work by the number of enquiries that came our way as seperate organisations.

ISSE is contacted by people having difficulties with damp on a daily basis while NAC found itself organising visits to patients homes on a weekly basis. It has very quickly become obvious that there is a need throughout many parts of the world for trustworthy, reliable advice on how best to detect damp and its effect on homes and people, diagnose the potential problems and give best advice on how to put this right at minimal possible price. We will make our best efforts to do this for our members.

We cannot offer this as a free service as it is outwith our normal duties and such a service would quickly become unmanageable. We need to be able to support the resources needed if demand exceeded our current supply capabilities! For this reason we will make an annual charge for our help, but one that is likely to be substantially smaller than a member of the public is likely to be charged if approaching a private company.

Membership groups 

  1. Health Professionals
  2. Housing professionals
  3. Home Log Book auditors
  4. Legal Profession in eventual Cloud stored certificate back up
  5. The general public – home owners and rented sector.